Bagels were the comfort food of my East Coast upbringing that brought everyone together. I wanted to recreate that feel in LA and join the emerging LA bagel scene. Shout out to folks like Belles, Courage, Maurys, Yeastie Boys, Pops, Bagel Broker, Brooklyn Bagel Bakery, etc. who do it right. I know that I’m just starting out but I’ll work hard to be a worthy compliment to all of you who have helped pave the way.

So, I devoted the past few years to attending business classes at SCORE, taking baking & culinary courses at LATTC and developing my business plan. Shout out to all of the instructors & students in the LATTC Culinary Program. I love all of you ! In fact, I made it a point to hire my 3 incredible team members (and all ex-classmates) from LATTC as my way of engaging Trade Tech.

I decided to name my business Unity Bagels because I think that great food brings all folks together and that is my ultimate goal, having lived in LA since 1979 and savored all of the great cultures in this city.




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